Buying property in Israel


 Buying an apartment means dealing with an uneasy alliance of many people, from the seller to the bank to the attorney. It’s difficult to figure out who to trust and whom you can responsibly rely upon. This book will guide you to understand the terminology, the laws, and the unique challenges of the Israeli real estate industry. Real estate expert Shia Getter, joined by top experts like renowned architect David Collins and attorney Dr. Avi Weinroth, shows you how to go about buying, selling, and renovating property in Eretz Yisrael. Getter teaches his readers the ropes, warns them of potential pitfalls, and helps them to get the maximum out of their investments.

This eye-opening book covers the key elements of real estate in Israel: what to look out for, avoiding unpleasant surprises, how to assess apartment conditions and value, and much more. Getter explains how to understand the hidden costs no one talks about, and reveals how knowing certain information can make a major difference in what you ultimately pay.

This book is a must-have reference text that anyone who dreams of investing in Israel will not want to be without. It’s a crucial tool for making a successful aliyah.

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