The Getter Group Standard Buyer’s Brokerage Service

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Getter Group Buyers’ Brokerage Advocacy Service

Here’s the unique dream service you need, a different kind of service, that makes all the difference for you.

The Getter Group will advocate for you to get your dream home in Israel. We will be there for you from beginning to end to make absolutely sure that you get your dream home in the best way possible.

The Getter Group advocacy service commits itself to actively search and look for — and to find — an apartment that fits your criteria and needs. We will be dedicated and committed to active and energetic searching until you get your home in Israel. We will find and get you the apartment you want, the one you’ve dream’t of.

We’ll get you your dream (—without the nightmare.)

This is a unique service that NO other broker supplies. Or can.

But we do.

We are uniquely qualified to do buyer’s advocacy for you.
We’ll get you there.

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Mortgage Broker Service

Your Home In Israel Is Within Reach. The Money Is Here Waiting For You.

Call The Getter Group. The Dream Is Now.

The Getter Group will get you there. We simplify the entire process of getting a mortgage, and we’ll get you an excellent mortgage at competitive interest rates. We’ll always be there for you — on site and on your behalf. We’ll make sure everything is done professionally and accurately for you.

You’ll be home soon.

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Seller’s BrokerService

The Getter Group Seller’s Broker Service can be thorough, dependable, and invaluable.

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The Getter Group is Your Buyer’s Brokerage and Advocacy Service.

Your home in Israel. Your way.

The Getter Group will get you there — because we’ll be there for you.

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