Michoel and Shaindy Meyer

Rabbi M. Salfer

Reb Shia is a caring and well-thought out professional, who through his unique experience guides people through the difficult maze of dealing

Shimon Kaufman

Believe me, when we originally met, and when we were talking about buying in Tnuva, I thought to myself, “what a pity

Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg

If you look at my profile, you’ll see that although I have over 100+ visible recommendations, I hardly every write recommendations for

Barry Weiss

I’ve been working with Shia on different projects for several years now. On one deal alone, having Reb Shia’s buyers brokerage service


Dear Shia, I am skeptical by nature. When I met with you last year in Monsey, you made a great impression on

Yitzchak Steinberg

In a large part to the excellent work done by Shia Getter and his staff, many of my clients have seen tremendous

M. Factor

The name “Shia Getter” epitomizes the words ‘Quality & Service’. I have known Shia for many years so it’s a pleasure to